The Department of Medical Education was established with the objective: to make the teacher and examiners aware of the newer concepts on assessment and thus improve the overall assessment done by BCPS. In this regard, the department has made enormous contribution towards training of the stakeholder in emerging concepts in medical education. All the activities of the workshops helped professionals to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date in response to the changing needs of the profession. The BCPS, over the years has taken measures directed towards improving the quality of its training and assessment to bring it at par with international standards.

At present the department of Medical Education is offering the following workshops and training programs:

a) Workshop on "How to construction of MCQ (Multiple Choice Question)"

b) Workshop on "How to construction of SBA (Single Best Answer)"

c) Workshop on "Clinical Case Assessment and OSPE"

d) Workshop on "Written Script Assessment"

e) Workshop on "Communication Skill Development"

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